For most people, this is their first (and hopefully only) Wedding.
So looking around for a Videographer, what’s good and bad, is something you may not know much about.

Firstly, I’d like to point out a few important things to consider when looking for someone to film your wedding…

These were hugely important to me when I got married. I didn’t want to feel like I was being filmed all day, and I definitely didn’t want to do any awkward poses or cheesy things for the camera!
So I film all weddings with that in mind; natural, as it happens, unposed & being as far away from people as I can so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.


  • How many weddings have they shot?
  • Can they prove it by showing you footage?
  • Do their films look wobbly, our of focus, or have strange colours?

Being able to cope in a variety of situations which could occur at what is essentially a “Live Event” is hugely important.

Experience is the only way that you can learn from past mistakes & issues that can crop up during a wedding. It can’t be re-done.

In 2018 I will shoot my 150th wedding, and wether it’s guests popping up in front of me during the first kiss, Vicars telling me I can only shoot from a certain place, or a dance off starting when it’s least expected, I consider myself experienced enough to predict what could happen next and be prepared for anything!

I like my footage to look smooth, sharp, colourful & wobble free.
Again, experience has helped me to craft a smooth and professional look, rather than a shakey handheld video that anyone can do.


  • Does their camera shoot to one memory card or 2?
  • Do they have a backup system at home to store your footage?
  • Do they carry backup kit in case a camera fails during your wedding?

Memory cards fail regularly, meaning your footage could be lost if it’s only on one card. Our main camera always records footage to 2 cards simultaneously, so if one does fail, we still have it on the other. It’s a huge security blanket which most Videographers don’t think about until the worst happens and they lose footage that can’t be recreated.

On top of that, we are SO careful with footage after the event. We always create 3 backups of each wedding. One is also stored in a separate building in case of fire or theft.

If you book with me, you will notice I always have 2 cameras with me, just in case my main one fails, I have another strapped to me so that I don’t miss a moment!

We only use high end SanDisk cards too, cheap cards are not worth the risk!

Anything else you wish to know? Email me!