We offer both short Highlight films and longer Feature films, and our packages come with 3 extra films of your Ceremony, Speeches & First Dance in full, so you always get lots of footage to keep on top of your main film.
Anyone can wave a camera around and pretend to be a Videographer, but it’s so much more than that.
Stable, smooth, in-focus & colourful footage, alongside clear audio, and then using that to tell your story separates professionals from pretenders.
You will see in our films, we don’t just press record…


Our Highlight films usually run around 5 minutes and are crafted using spoken words from your ceremony & speeches to bring in extra emotion and perfectly tell the story of your Wedding day.

The amount of detail in these films is what makes them so special.

Every time you watch it you will spot something new and you’ll never get bored of flashing straight back into your day.

If you prefer not to have talking over the top, it’s no problem, it’s your film and we can create something just as special in a musical montage instead.

You won’t know how much your wedding video is worth until after your big day, but you will soon realise that today’s small investment will be priceless in years to come.


Our Feature films run for 20+ minutes in a chronological order of your day.

Pretty much everything that is filmed will be in there in some capacity, all set to your choice of music overlaid to create a personal touch to your film.

It will include parts of your ceremony vows/ring exchange, plus a clip or two from each speech, all tied together with the rest of the footage we shot during the day.

We have been creating these films in our own style ever since we started, no one else does them like this and have always been extremely popular.