Hi I’m David, 36, Married, Dad of Twin Girls & the Owner, Videographer & Editor of Eternally Adored Films.

I LOVE Weddings and love capturing memories, so my job is perfect for me!

Well… It all started as a bit of fun for a friends wedding in 2013 which apparently made them cry (with joy hopefully!).
I got married a few weeks later and at the very last minute asked someone to film it for us because we hadn’t even considered a Videographer
When I watched it for the first time, the goosebumps it gave me meant I was instantly hooked. It took us straight back to our day and I knew I was capable of creating something just as good for other people.

After filming a few more, getting better each time, and realising how powerful a wedding video could be, I decided film making was going to be my full time passion in 2014.
I spent time learning and researching both the filming and editing side of the business, creating Carbynemedia.com in the process.
Carbyne Media is our commercial/corporate brand but Weddings also took over that! So much so, it has a huge following from Brides & Grooms on social media with David filming over 140 weddings since.

Eternally Adored Films was then created as our more focused Wedding brand, and is everything I would be looking for if I was searching for a Videographer.

I hope you agree too 🙂