Hi I’m David, recently bald, Married, Dad of Twin Girls & the Owner, Videographer & Editor of Eternally Adored Films.

I LOVE Weddings and have filmed almost 200 since 2014.
I absolutely love capturing memories, I get teary eyed at heartfelt speeches so my job is perfect for me haha!

Well… It all started as a bit of fun for a friends wedding in 2013 which apparently made them cry (with joy hopefully!).

I got married a few weeks later and at the very last minute asked someone to film it for us because we hadn’t even considered a Videographer.

When I watched it for the first time, the goosebumps it gave me meant I was instantly hooked.
It took us straight back to our day, so much more than our photos did, and I knew I was capable of creating something just as good for other people.

After filming a few more, gaining experience, and realising how powerful a wedding video could be, I’d found my passion and my new career.
I spent time learning and researching both the filming and editing side of the business, creating my company Carbynemedia.com and leaving my job  to go full time in 2014.
Carbyne Media is our commercial/corporate brand but Weddings took over that! So much so, it has a huge following from Brides & Grooms on social media with David filming over 150+ weddings since.

Eternally Adored Films is our more focused Wedding brand, and is everything I would be looking for if I was searching for a Videographer.

I hope you agree too 🙂

Midlands Wedding Videographer - Eternally Adored Films
Image courtesy of Nicholas Rogers Photography